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LCO Exposure Time Calculator

An exposure time calculator (ETC) for most instruments at LCO is available here: LCO ETC

Magellan 1 - Baade Telescope - Instruments f/11


The Inamori Magellan Areal Camera and Spectrograph (IMACS) is a very versatile wide-field imager and multi-object spectrograph.

A wide field near-infrared camera undergoing commissioning at Baade NASE platform.

  • FIRE - Specs  [WARNING: Starting Apr 17th, FIRE will not be operational for scheduled maintenance. The planned return-to-service date is April 28th.]

The FIRE (Folded port InfraRed Echellette) spectrograph is a moderate resolution near-infrared echellette.

  • MagE - Specs - Calib  [Note: Following cooling system failure on 29 Aug, the cryolines and compressor for the system have been replaced.  The instrument is operating currently at nominal temperatures, however, the cryohead is known to retain contamination that may complicate secure operation in the long term.]

The MagE (Magellan Echellette) Spectrograph is a moderate-resolution optical echellette.



    Magellan II - Clay Telescope - Instruments f/11


    The Magellan Inamori Kyocera Echelle (MIKE) is a high-throughput double echelle spectrograph.


    The Low Dispersion Survey Spectrograph (LDSS3-C) is a high efficiency, wide-field multislit spectrograph.


    Magellan II - Clay Telescope - Instruments f/5


    Megacam is a large mosaic CCD camera with a 24' x 24' field-of-view. The camera uses 36 2048 x 4608 pixel CCDs with a scale of 0.08"/pixel. Megacam is operated in campaign mode at the f/5 CASS focus.

    Magellan II - Clay Telescope - MagAO f/16


    • MagA0  2018A campaign 24 April - 06 May 

    Magellan Adaptive Optics system  (VisAO and CLIO2). Continuing commissioning and science operations.

    Other Instruments:

    • PFS -       The Planet Finding Spectrograph is supported as a P.I. instrument that can be installed in place of MIKE at the Clay NASE platform.
    • M2FS - The Michigan/Magellan Fiber Spectrograph is a P.I. instrument that can be installed in the place of MIKE at the Clay NASE platform. (P.I. Mario Mateo)
    • PISCO - A simultaneous multi band visible imager is a P.I. instrument that can be installed in the place of MIKE at the Clay NASE platform. (P.I. Tony Stark)

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