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Mac DVD burning

Burning a DVD on the Magellan Mac Minis

Burning a DVD on the Mac can be done simply using the "Finder" (the basic navigation window).

1. Put a blank DVD into the slot on the front of the Mac mini - push in gently until it accepts.


2. In a few seconds an icon will appear on the desktop, marked "Untitled DVD". (If it does not, open a Finder window by clicking on the finder icon at the left of the dock. If the DVD still does not appear, eject it by pressing AND HOLDING DOWN (at least 2 seconds) the eject key at top-right of the keyboard.)

3. We now recommend use of "Burn Folders" to help you manage your data onto multiple DVD's. Right click on the Desktop, and select "New Burn Folder". You can drag files into the burn folder which will create aliases (or softlinks) from the original files to this folder. The window shows you at the bottom how much space is required on a disk to perform the burn. You can safely erase excess files from the burn folder without affecting the original files. Once you are happy you can just hit the "Burn" button on the same window. More information on burn folders is available from Apple.


3. Double click on the DVD icon to open a "Finder window". This is where you will drag files and directories to be burned to disk. Dragging here only creates softlinks - it does not physically transfer the files.


4. With this window selected, open a second Finder window by hitting "Apple-N". Use this new window to navigate to your data (usually on Data_Llama, Data_Burro, Data_Zorro or Data_Guanaco).


5. Drag the files or directories to be burned onto the DVD Finder window. Take note of the text at the bottom of the DVD window that tells you HOW FULL YOUR DVD IS SO FAR.


6. Once happy with the selected files or directories, click the "burn" button (at top right of DVD Finder window), or the black and yellow disk (at the left of the DVD Finder window). CHANGE THE NAME OF THE DISK in the resulting dialog box. DO NOT USE SPACES, NOR SPECIAL CHARACTERS! Underscore is OK. Once you hit OK, the computer initiates burning.


7. Once finished, eject the disk: Press AND HOLD (>2sec) the eject button at top-right of keyboard. OR right click on the DVD icon and select "Eject".


8. Repeat ad infinitum, or just until all your data is on DVD (as you wish).


9. Take your data home and do some great science!


10. Come back soon and do it all again.

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